Memory Makers are a family run business and who have proudly been making personal keepsakes for over 20 years. There are more than 346,000 of our customers' memories on walls around the country.

Offering an extensive range of freestanding 3D castings, framed 3D castings, framed handprints, framed footprints and personalised jewellery. The range is suitable for newborn babies, older children and adults and even pets paws. No one is too young, old or furry for our print and casting service.

Book an appointment with our professionally trained Print Takers or buy one of our Starter Kits. Either way you can be assured of a quality casting or print. Every mould or print is carefully handmade at our dedicated London workshop into a quality, lasting keepsake.

From start to finish, we take care of your most precious memories as if it was one of our own.

It is afterall, a priceless piece of family history.

How it all began

In 1998, Stella and myself, Richard, were running a contemporary Craft pottery. Selling Stella's designs through Craft Markets, Craft retailers and working on commissions of housewares and Furniture.

One day, looking after their nephew Thomas, we had to pop into the pottery to check on a kiln. While we were there we started playing with some clay and Thomas was learning to count. So when he put his hand on a piece of clay, we wiggled each finger in turn and counted to five.

Instead of throwing away the clay (which we very nearly did), we put it to one side. Eventually, when doing some tidying we came across the piece of clay again, dry and dusty on a shelf, and decided to fire it. Stella added some colour as a wash, then a clear glaze and wrote on it with a glaze pen.

Once we fired it, we decided to frame it and give it to my Brother.

We didn't think much of it at the time, it certainly wasn't a eureka moment but some of my brother's friends asked if they could have one too, so we worked out how to make the service portable and improve the quality of the impression.

We then started working through leading Nursery and Childrenswear retailers (John Lewis, Brown Thomas and later Mothercare UK).

The company, now called Memory Makers at Home, has extended its range to include other forms of 3D casting, prints and jewellery for all the family - including pets.

Now available in Fenwicks, selected independent venues and from the comfort of your own home with our Home Visit service.

The first imprint we made is very special and priceless to us. That's why you can trust us with yours.

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